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Fleet Management system is the foundation of all vehicles operations. Our solutions help fleets to react effectively to deviations from schedules and collect information on fleets’ performance. While the integrated tracking black box, DVR(CCTV) and sensors play crucial role in advanced fleet management, the convenient mobile phone solutions provide partial services such as low-cost driver management and e-hailing services.

MapAsia focuses on providing different grades of map, search, routing and live traffic services for the region via API services. We provide guidance either via mobile internet content or on road side guide map. Currently, we serve Asia region and GCC countries in the Middle East.

Smart City Online

SmartCityOnline is our on line platform services. MapKing SmartCity showcases applications in logistics, mapping, GIS, smart hotel and mall, IoT, commerce and finance, with some free or open source linkages. The brands includeFleet-Management.Online, e-hailing services of GoAsia and eTaxi, map services of, smart hotel designerA Innovative, and e-commerce Haitao11(Anmaix) etc.