Mobile Management

Mobile Management is an integrated platform bringing together technologies in wireless networking, database and real-time tracking to facilitate more efficient management of assets, personnel, customer or any business elements that are not anchored at fixed locations.

MapKing provides comprehensive mobile management solutions in three broad categories to better serve customers from different industries:

Mobile Goverment

Personal Tracking

MapKing SmartLogger

Mobile Government
MapKing Mobile Government is the extension of conventional e-government services to mobile communication platform to foster interactive information flow between mobile device users and various government services and facilities.


GPS Positioning
Route Planning
Address Searching
Sending position information via SMS
Retrieving location-based information through wireless network connection
Uploading location-tagged photos

MapKing SmartLogger

MapKing Smart Logger is a solution which can be run on standalone handheld PPC on the windows mobile operating system. It stores the whole Hong Kong Map data in the MapKing compressed format (under 12 M Byte) with local data and incredible performance.

MapKing SmartLogger builds on the strong core mapping functions of MapKing by adding the capability to capture geo-referenced field data required for professional disciplines like spatial data collection, RF planning, environmental control, sound pollution monitoring and traffic management. MapKing SmartLogger can run in any Windows Mobile–based Pocket PC and thus becomes a very cost-effective enhancement for field test devices that do not have a built-in position tracker.

Highlighted Features:

  • GPS positioning
  • Browse map in offline mode
  • Add points on the map
  • Record time and spatial information
  • Powerful analysis function
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