From market analysis to network planning as well as product development to sales and marketing, MapKing International Limited plays an essential role in decision-making process. MapKing International Limited accompanied with its flexible, innovative service and solution is definitely able to deal with the critical challenges and maintain the competitive ability in a dynamic business environment for those leaders in different global industry. Thus, they can maintain their leading role continuously in the industry.

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Financial Service



Real Estate and Hotel



MapKing Mobile

MapKing is a leading mapping and navigation software product serving a wide range of mobile devices. MapKing has been chosen as the pre-loaded mapping and navigation platform by prominent brands like HTC, HP and Nokia.

MapKing provides rich information, local voice driving guidance and 3D interface. Easy-to-use and powerful functions include sending SMS position to your partner, travel book, fuzzy learning, real time search on airlines, weather and news. It is a collection of cross platform, comprehensive and multilingual digital maps providing integrated solutions on PC, Pocket PC, Smart Phone and Symbian S60.


MapKing SmartAssist

MapKing SmartAssist is a multifunctional tool for tourists and local citizens running on WiFi, GPRS, and HSDPA enabled mobile devices. It consists of 3 components: Handheld Map, POI searching, and Emergency calls. Handheld map is a feature rich digital map which covers several countries and support several languages and it has powerful search functions. POI searching includes amusement, tourism, and daily life, which are comprehensive directory services, and they are Point of Interest (POI) finders.


  • Feature rich handheld map
  • Powerful map search functions
  • Comprehensive directory service
  • Useful POI finder
  • More than 400 emergency calls
  • Multi-functions in one program
  • Run on mobile device which support Java

Financial Services

By using GIS solution, you can:

Develop channel strategies to maximize profitability

  • Analyze branch and ATM tactics in any market
  • Assess untapped opportunities specific to each sales point
  • Set realistic, effective sales goals

Quantify total product potential in your markets

  • Track market share and share of wallet
  • Match financial products to customer needs
  • Identify concentrations of your target customers easily
  • Improve marketing efficiencies and increase ROI

Leverage current data to make better decisions

  • Gain insights from our proprietary database of tens of millions of consumer and small business purchase and servicing activities
  • Benchmark product-level sales performance against tens of thousands of branches
  • Understand branch location and configuration characteristics using tools and models based on tens of thousands of detailed on-site surveys


By using GIS solution, you can:

Successfully manage public assets and projects

  • Visualize critical infrastructure and municipal projects
  • Attract investors and recruit businesses for economic development
  • Manage highway maintenance, construction and traffic flow
  • Map data for land management and forestry initiatives

Share data with simple, cost-effective solutions

  • Create self-service web portals for information requests
  • Integrate location intelligence into existing enterprise systems
  • Access data sources with open standards and OGC compliance


By using web map solution, you can:

Publish your own information based on web map

  • Reveal information on cross-platform and multi-angle
  • Powerful information storage and server load
  • Strong map coverage, high-grade map data, and multiple map style

Location Intelligence

  • Provide location-based Service
  • Provide location intelligent analysis


By using personal tracking service, you can:

Improve public safety, security and preparedness

  • Support public safety needs
  • Plan emergency response and disaster recovery
  • Track crime and deploy law enforcement


By using fleet management, you can:

Analyze and reduce travel costs for sales and service personnel

  • Optimize routes by drive time or travel distance
  • Build a multi-point route in optimized or ordered fashion
  • Choose preferences to avoid certain routes or road types

Deploy routing applications to desktops, mobile devices and web

  • Allow customers to request directions between specified points
  • Control the amount of travel information for limited display devices

Improve decision-making and profitability

  • Use drive time polygons for market analysis and site selection
  • Calculate travel costs for delivery and rate determination
  • Plan sales territories and service networks

Improve public safety, security and preparedness

  • Support public safety needs
  • Plan emergency response and disaster recovery
  • Track crime and deploy law enforcement

Real Estate and Hotel

By using GIS solution, you can:

Make mission critical decisions with confidence

  • Conduct in-depth evaluations of sites and markets
  • Provide guidance for acquisition, investment or development efforts
  • Use advanced predictive analytics to maximize project potential
  • Conduct specific custom research such as market “void analysis”

Effectively market sites to potential retail tenants

  • Provide decision makers with insightful market analysis
  • Create presentation-quality reports and display analytics

Implement a complete solution for commercial real estate

  • Integrate location intelligence seamlessly with existing systems
  • Draw on unparalleled market data and industry expertise


By using GIS solution, you can:

Determine optimal sites for store locations

  • Target the best markets for growth
  • Identify, analyze and rank sites for expansion
  • Create a strategic blueprint for expansion

Analyze markets with custom modeling solutions

  • Integrate customer data, demographics and competitive data
  • Analyze store performance and trade area demographics
  • Create detailed, site-specific sales forecasts
  • Identify, target and reach your best customers

Maximize market share and per-unit performance

  • Improve underperforming locations
  • Mitigate cannibalization between stores
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