Map Content and Big data product

MapKing provides map data for third-party programs and systems. MapKing map data specifications are based on path planning standards, which require high quality and include major cities in Asia. MapKing has a stable geographic data professional team and field data researcher team with many years of experience. At the same time, MapKing cooperates with multiple partners in the Asia Pacific region to ensure that MapKing's mapping products are in the leading position in the market. MapKing users are mostly well-known large multinational corporation groups and the world's top Internet companies.

MapKing content

Rich content

Live content

True 3D city model

Real-time traffic monitoring

2D street network

     -Government or partner

3D building appearance and landmarks

Traffic text messages from partners

Navigation principle

        -Radio, Content Partners

Public transit

Driver contribution

Yellow Pages / Catering Content

MapKing traffic text message

Walking map / floor plan

MapKing Speed map

Panorama (indoor and street view)


Web Map Solution

Web Map has now become the most efficient platform to distribute maps and location-based information to large number of users. In the early days Web Map was mainly deployed as a one-way information feeding channel. But the technology has evolved a lot by embracing more and more interactive elements within its geo-spatial framework. The direct result of this is the emergence of exciting new functions like Geo-tagging, Social Networking and Push Advertising – all integrated into and delivered under the same Web Map portal.

We have many years of experience in providing comprehensive web map solution to corporations and governments. Our Web Map technology has the following merits:

  • Highly scalable to different system configurations and end user scenarios
  • Flexible user interface
  • Supports route planning
  • Access to MapKing’s high quality digital maps for many cities and regions
  • Fast implementation
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