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·         Launch www.AI-Cities.Biz platform

·         Distribute,,, RoboTapper

·         Hong Kong, ESG project: Healthy City project, HKIP

·         Hong Kong, CSDI project, develop Lands Department 3D map engine; Planning Department project


·         Artificial Intelligence (AI) project and Autonomous Driving Infraservices for Asiacompleted.

·         Drone service & Guinness world Record.

·         Hong Kong, eTaxi resumed and improved call car services

·         Hong Kong, Expert Witness for planning court case. Lands/ Planning Dept projects


·        Connected vehicles services became major revenue.

·         Hong Kong, government consultancy project using drone and AI for heritage conservation.

·         Hong Kong, 3D HD Map for autonomous driving trial project for public body completed.

·         Hong Kong, Tourism Board Google Partnership Campaign project.

·         Hong Kong, live public transit alert project upgrade.

·         Hong Kong, TencentB2C partnership started.

·         Singapore, joined MapKingSmartCity platform

·         Regional tourist e-hailing service GoAsia


·         Hong Kong, Macau, Tencent Live Traffic Data Services contract

·         SE Asia, regional Live ITIS services project started, HK live public transit alert project delivery

·         SE Asia, regional passenger e-hailing service started



·         Hong Kong, Hong Kong Taxi Council Joint Venture eTaxi APP&regional e-hailing platform

·         Middle East, Saudi Arabia smart bus project started

·         China, CEO named Decade Ingenuity Expert in Connected Vehicles Award, Guangdong, 2019



·         Hong Kong, Malaysia, Live Traffic Predictive AI project alpha version

·         Hong Kong, double decker bus fleet management with DVR launched

·         China, CEO received Most Influential Personnel in Connected Vehicles Award, Guangdong 2018



·         Singapore &Hong Kong, iPhone map advanced contents launched

·         China, MapKing Connected Car solution presented at Shanghai, Chongqing,Guangzhou(since 2016)

·         Hong Kong, Client application FWD Drivamatics awarded HKICT Best FinTech Grand Award2017.

·         Malaysia, taxi and call-a-car application system PICKnGO project.



·         SmarTone GIS project. MTR station POI and pedestrian route project.

·         Best Smart Hong Kong Award 2016 Bronze Award (Pubic Sector Information Application)

·         Singapore, supply public transit & advanced content to a world top phone company.

·         Hong Kong, partial launch live public transit alert on Google map. Live alert to millions phones.



·         Singapore, TransCab taxi project.

·         Malaysia, completion of ITIS, DBKL project.

·         Hong Kong, intelligent management system supports SF Express, long haul buses and minibuses. 

·         MapKing is recommended by HK Government


·         MapKing Connected NavigationFeatured No.1 Must Have at Google Play Hong Kong Store,(April 2014)

·         MapKingawarded Outstanding Originality, DataOne Competition, Hong Kong Gov’t

·         Finalist, “My Favourite Cloud Product Competition”, World Internet Developer Summit, 2014.

·         Integrated Transportation Information System portalsub-contract, DBKL, Malaysia.



·         Revamped gis system for SmarTone Telecom, Hong Kong.

·         Mini bus tracking & smart card management for several lines in Hong Kong.

·         Trusted Agency, Google Business Photo, Hong Kong.

·         MapKing - Awarded Connected Navigation Company in Asia (2013)

·         Tencent Weibo partner for live traffic, China.

·         Connected Navigation Platform launched & selected as Highlighted Exhibitor at HKICT Expo.

·         Hong Kong – South China first connected navigation solution contract with GPSChina..

·         First door number navigation for Malaysia. Google Map HKwith MapKing 3D & Public Transit.

·         Huawei phone shipped with MapKing(GCC). Intelroadshow, China

1997 - 2010

·         Intel In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) workshop, Shenzhen,China.

·         Land Transport Authority (LTA) Live Traffic Show, Singapore. 

·        StimoCC (Short Term Implementation of Connected Car) project. AmarylloHTAS project, Dutch.

·         MapKing comes with Proton 25th anniversary cars, Malaysia

·         Launch with Singapore Government:MapKing Live in Singapore and honored as “Pioneer Adopter”.

·         Lands Department SMRIS (Slope Maintenance Responsibility Information System) maintenance

·         Launch MapKing Pro. MapKing Android, MapKing Live & Ghost Hunter game.

·         MapKing Singapore awarded “Image of Singapore” projected by iDA, Singapore.

·        Awarded SmarTone mobile management project, Macau and Hong Kong

·         MapKing Singapore awarded SMRT taxi navigation and control centre web map project.

·         MapKing for Singapore support live traffic information, first in SE Asia (2007).

·         Awarded Kuala Lumpur Intelligent Transport Information System portal project

·         Personnel Tracking System for Hong Kong Government project.Launch MapKingfleet management.

·         Formation of MapKing (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., MapKing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

·         Car navigator PND hardware and software series

·         Nomination for Best Software Award 2006

·         Product

·         MapInfo products South China distributorship (2000-2002, “” brand under MapKing)

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