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19 April 2013

Hong Kong


MapKing Connected Navigation wins the Best Mobile Apps Award (Mobile Infotainment)

April 8,2013 MapKing Connected Navigation was awarded the Best Mobile Apps Award (Mobile Infotainment), Hong Kong ICT Awards 2013 . Stanley Ng(CEO of MapKing), colleagues  and partners attended the award ceremony.  

According to Stanley Ng, MapKing Connected Navigation is the leading internet connected navigation platform for Hong Kong, China and South East Asia. The connected navigation platform is our innovative product after in-depth study in the connected navigation technology for years under several research institutes projects. 

MapKing Connected Navigation links up both community (user report) traffic information, government live traffic information and media information through SIM Card’s Wifi/3G / SMS, as well as MapKing’s live traffic information, it is the first product of the same kind in Hong Kong and South East Asia.  

On top of the front end client and server side navigation system, it also contains free app Pick me up that link the smart phone (Android) of the peers of a driver for pick up purposes.

“MapKing Connected Navigation” routes  according to the real time traffic information,  and avoid traffic jam. Also, driver can share the position of speed camera, traffic accident and traffic jam etc with drivers on the road via internet.

“MapKing Connected Navigation” is well-designed by our research team. The system is user-friendly with specific functions, including colored traffic map, turn restriction and Hong Kong characters display. It enhances the driving pleasure of the users of “MapKing Connected Navigation” in several Asia Pacific countries.


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