Greetings for the Year of Snake

The Year of Snake is just a few days ahead. We would like to offer our most sincere new year greetings for good health, success and prosperity. To mark the beginning of a new year, we have just released some free map updates. Please follow the download link below.

Download Here

We also would like to draw your attention to our new navigation product – MapKing Pro Connected Car Navigation.

6 Main Functions include:

1)1 Click Navigation,  2)Pick Me Up,

3)Live Traffic Message,4)Real Time Traffic,

5)iRoad CCTV ,6)Camera sharing。   Purchase MapKing PRO Connected Navigation product, Please Click Here.

1.Real time traffic

2.iRoad CCTV

Navigation engine use the real time traffic to plan the routing to avoid the traffic Jam.

Driver can see the real time iRoad CCTV


3.Live Traffic Message

4.Pick Me Up

Driver can check the real time road maintenance, accident, Traffic control message.


Use the Android mobile app to connect the Car Navigation system to guide your friend to pick your  up.

MapKing wish you a happy Chinese new year!

MapKing International Limited