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Tencent Weibo and MapKing partner in Live Traffic Message to Enhance Live Traffic Weibo and Connected Navigation Services

 Tencent Weibothe Weibo service of Tencent Inc. (0700.HK) t.qq.comand MapKingMapKing International Limited, www.MapKing.comannounced partnership in live traffic information services.

Tencent Weibo, the leading Weibo service in China, grows with momentum and recorded 507 million registered users with 94 million active daily users. Since the launch of “Live Traffic Weibo” in 2012, the service extended rapidly and now covers major cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen etc.

MapKing, an Asian geographic information system professional service provider headquartered at Hong Kong, launched their advanced live traffic community based Connected Navigation internet car services in 2012. Via the community based internet and cloud services, internet car Connected Navigation enhances the enjoyment of driving and alleviates the traffic situation by live traffic information and optimizing the driving route.

Fang LI, Routina Vice Chief Editor, Weibo Department, Tencent Inc. said, "ith the leading community based Connected Navigation internet car services of MapKing, the Live Traffic Weibo will be enhanced. Live Traffic Weibo will grow and better serve residents of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen and Hong Kong"

Stanley NG, CEO of MapKing, said, "MapKing will provide live traffic service to Tencent Weibo for Hong Kong and Shenzhen in 2013 and will integrate Live Traffic Weibo into MapKing Connected Navigation internet car services. The system integrates live traffic information with community based internet car navigation services and will be a leading intelligent transport system in Asia Pacific when it is completed."

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