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By using GIS solution, you can:

Successfully manage public assets and projects

  • Visualize critical infrastructure and municipal projects
  • Attract investors and recruit businesses for economic development
  • Manage highway maintenance, construction and traffic flow
  • Map data for land management and forestry initiatives

Share data with simple, cost-effective solutions

  • Create self-service web portals for information requests
  • Integrate location intelligence into existing enterprise systems
  • Access data sources with open standards and OGC compliance

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By using web map solution, you can:

Publish your own information based on web map

  • Reveal information on cross-platform and multi-angle
  • Powerful information storage and server load
  • Strong map coverage, high-grade map data, and multiple map style

Location Intelligence

  • Provide location-based Service
  • Provide location intelligent analysis

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By using personal tracking service, you can:

Improve public safety, security and preparedness

  • Support public safety needs
  • Plan emergency response and disaster recovery
  • Track crime and deploy law enforcement

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