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MapKing SmartAssist

MapKing SmartAssist is a multifunctional tool for tourists and local citizens running on Wi-Fi, GPRS, and HSDPA enabled mobile devices. It consists of 3 components: Handheld Map, POI searching, and Emergency calls. Handheld map is a feature rich digital map which covers several countries and support several languages and it has powerful search functions. POI searching includes amusement, tourism, and daily life, which are comprehensive directory services, and they are Point of Interest (POI) finders.

MapKing SmartAssist has been awarded “Innovative Wi-Fi Service and Application of Ubiquitous City - Hong Kong”, which is organized by Hong Kong Wireless Development Center and Office of the Government Chief Information Officer of the HKSAR Government.


Highlighted Features:

  • Feature rich handheld map
  • Powerful map search functions
  • Comprehensive directory service
  • Useful POI finder
  • More than 400 emergency calls
  • Multi-functions in one program
  • Run on mobile device which support Java