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Vertical Mapper

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Vertical Mapper

Working seamlessly within MapInfo Professional, Vertical Mapper helps you display, manage, and interpret grid-based continuous spatial information. If you want answers from location-based data, Vertical Mapper will find them, creating grids, or continuous surfaces of information, from point data by estimating values between known points. Vertical Mapper helps turn your data investment into compelling, meaningful information to give your business the upper hand.

  • Features a wide range of analysis tools to reveal trends in data
  • Unique prediction capabilities identify areas with similar attributes
  • Modeling tools build grids from existing point files or unmapped tables
  • Now includes six gridding algorithms
  • Bring data to life with color settings and dynamic 3D rendering
  • Available in English and Japanese languages

MapInfo Engage3D

Model spatial information such as terrain or demographic data as interpolated surfaces with Engage3D, allowing powerful trend identification, analysis and refinement. Or visualise and model your datasets in true real-time 3D with Engage3D Pro, and create effective and informative fly-through movies for powerful presentations。



pbEncom Discover

Designed by geoscientists, for geoscientists, pbEncom Discover integrates data from multiple sources in a unified geospatial environment to deliver essential analytical tools in a powerful, yet easy-to-use, framework. Collect, manage, integrate, analyse and visualise your data with this solution’s extensive range of features. And, pbEncom Discover’s specialised geoscience capabilities are a perfect complement to the MapInfo Professional’s advanced GIS functionality. More.


MapXtreme for .Net

MapXtreme’s powerful spatial capabilities are geared toward solving real business problems, with a powerful, user-friendly feature set. Flexible deployment options of this location intelligence developer tool include both desktop and web from a single SDK. More

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