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MapKing  Connected Navigation Platform

MapKing Connected Navigation Platform is the first of its kind in Asia Pacific Region that integrates advanced communication and cloud computing technology with navigation. By virtue of GPRS/SMS/Call function via SIM card, it fulfill the below cutting-edge function:


1. 1. Real time traffic:
Navigation engine use real time traffic information as route planning reference, automatically help driver to avoid traffic jam.
2. iRoad CCTV:

3.Live Traffic Message.

 In case of any accident, road maintenance work, or traffic event, driver will be able to see it on the CPND platform.
4.Pick Me Up:
Android Application to communicate with CPND, directing driver to pick friends up.
5.Camera Sharing:
By virtue of cloud computing, driver within the CPND community can post camera position in the server and share with all the members.
6.1 Click to Destination & ChinaGPS Cross Border Service.
a)One Key Navigation: No need to search, simply make a call to CHINAGPS and tell your desired destination, the service center will help to find the location and send to the CPND.

 b) Free AA service to subscribed user.