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For Immediate Release in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong
10 June 2009

MapKing Virtual Singapore

The Most Localized Navigation Software for Singapore & Malaysia – The only Navigation Software that supports all four Official Languages of Singapore

Launched at PC Show 2009 Singapore (11-14 June 2009)

MapKing International Limited is delighted to announce a new member of MapKing Mobile Family – MapKing Virtual Singapore, the best localized navigation software for Singapore and Malaysia.

MapKing Virtual Singapore is the consummation of MapKing’s many years of expertise and experience in navigation software with the following distinguished features:

  • Easy Post Code Search with Numeric Pad
    MapKing Virtual Singapore provides an enlarged numeric pad designed specifically for quick and easy search of all 6-digit Singapore post codes licensed from Singapore Land Authority (SLA).


  • Chain Store Search
    MapKing Virtual Singapore Chain Store Search Engine covers more than 8,000 chain stores and restaurants. They can be easily searched and set as destination for route planning and navigation.
  • Realistic Signboard, 3D Junction View and ERP Avoidance
    MapKing Virtual Singapore is designed to make driving fun and stress-free by realistic pop-up signboard and junction views. The route planning function also features an ERP Avoidance mode to help drivers minimize ERP cost.


  • Supports all four Singapore Official Languages
    To better serve the polytechnic society of Singapore, MapKing Virtual Singapore supports all four Singapore Official Languages, offering turn by turn vocal guidance in English, Chinese Mandarin, Tamil, and Malay. User interface (menus and buttons) can be switched between English, Chinese and Malay. Audio cues for road names are also provided by English TTS (Text-to-Speech) function.
  • Updated Feature-Rich Maps
    MapKing Virtual Singapore deploys the most updated dataset licensed from SLA (Singapore Land Authority), enhanced and supplemented by internally collected data and data contributed by reputable user group communities.

MapKing’s CEO, Mr. Stanley Ng is grateful and excited by the successful launch of MapKing Virtual Singapore, “We are proud to offer the first ever navigation software that supports all four Official Languages of Singapore. We are committed not just pure functional excellence, but also dedicated localization to make our product more user-friendly to the polytechnic society of Singapore.”

MapKing International Limited is specialized in Geographic Information System (GIS) with particular focus on seamless integration of GIS with other cutting edge information and telecom technologies. MapKing Mobile Family is our product line delivering powerful mapping and navigation functions across a wide range of mobile devices. MapKing Mobile Family has achieved rapid growth in recent years along with the ever-increasing popularity of mobile electronic devices. MapKing Mobile Family provides top-quality consumer products as well as sophisticated tailor-made GIS/LBS solutions to telecom carriers, enterprises and government agencies.

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