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MapKing SmartAssist has been awarded the "Innovative Wi-Fi Services and Applications"

We are pleased to announce that MapKing SmartAssist has been awarded “Innovative Wi-Fi Service and Application of Ubiquitous City - Hong Kong”, which is organized by Hong Kong Wireless Development Center and Office of the Government Chief Information Officer of the HKSAR Government.

The second left in the second row is Mr. Stanley Ng (CEO of MapKing International Ltd.)

MapKing SmartAssist is a multifunctional system designed for tourists as well as locals, running on Wi-Fi, GPRS, and HSDPA enabled mobile devices with Java support. The functionality highlights are: fast and feature-rich digital maps, powerful search function and useful POI finder, emergency contacts and the most prominent feature - Credit Card Discount Enquiry Service.

MapKing SmartAssist Credit Card Discount Enquiry Service is a value added function designed for the benefits of consumers. All it takes is a simple click on the device button and you will gain immediate knowledge of credit card goodies in the vicinity. And there is even more magic – the system not only suggests where to shop and where to dine, it also provides a clear route to reach your chosen location. We believe MapKing SmartAssist would strengthen and further propel Hong Kong’s established reputation as Shoppers and Diners’ Paradise. At present, MapKing SmartAssist covers most credit cards providers in Hong Kong and the service will soon extend to other countries.

MapKing always believes that the growth of an enterprise cannot sustain without the support of customers and the community. In times of economic difficulty, we are even more committed to producing better products for the community. In the spirit of goodwill and retribution, we are more than pleased to offer MapKing SmartAssist free of charge to all users.

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