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For Immediate Release, 8 September 2008

Hong Kong

MapKing releases new mobile management product

Launch of "MapKing SmartLogger 1.0"

MapKing is delighted to announce their new product - MapKing SmartLogger version 1.0 is going to be released shortly.

MapKing SmartLogger is a mobile management solution which can be run on standalone handheld PPC on the windows mobile operating system. It stores the whole Hong Kong Map data in the MapKing compressed format (under 12 M Byte) which contains local data and incredible performance. It contains all standard map functions, and able to collect the location based information for spatial data mining.

With MapKing SmartLogger, user can easily acquire the spatial information and manage them conveniently and efficiently. Combined with the strong spatial data analysis function of MapInfo Professional, user can clearly grasp the inner relation so that to take the effective steps timely. MapKing SmartLogger can be used for the statistic and monitoring of environment pollution, temperature variations, or any graduated values.

MapKing Business Development Director, SmartLogger Project Director, Mr. John Chow congratulates the successes of MapKing Development Team. John said “in the modern intense competition of telecommunications, the development of mobile management has attached more and more importance to both wireless operators and mass consumers. As a growing mobile management product, MapKing SmartLogger will undertake the responsibility the mobile management development, to provide the most convenient and efficient service to all customers. Right now, one of the most famous wireless operators of Hong Kong is using MapKing SmartLogger for field signal test and strength analysis.

MapKing International Limited is specialized in business applications of Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies with particular focus on seamless integration of GIS with other cutting edge information and telecom technologies. As one of the products of MapKing International Limited, MapKing Mobile is a leading mapping and navigation products serving a wide range of mobile devices. Since MapKing was formed in 1996, it has developed rapidly. Now MapKing provide MapKing Mobile products to mass customers and GIS/LBS solutions to enterprises. MapKing has been chosen as the pre-loaded mapping and navigation platform by prominent brands like HTC, HP and Nokia.

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