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23-25 June,2017.  MapKing joined the 2017  Intelligent Transportation Exhibition in Shenzhen. And show the latest products in the exhibition. 

2017年6月23-25日,MapKing 参加了2017深圳智能交通展览会,向与会观众展示了最新的产品。


26-28 Jun, MapKing participated  the ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2017& Exhibition in Hong Kong. For More, Click Here

6月26-28日,MapKing 参加了香港科学园举办的“亚太智能交通论坛2017”.


29 Jun- 1 July, MapKing Joined the 21st  International Software Exhibition  in BeiJing.

6月29日-7月1日,MapKing 参加了北京第二十一屆中國國際軟件博覽會。详情請按


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